Our Essential Education Items

Parent Payments

Armstrong Creek School Council approve the school’s Essential Education Items charges annually.   Payment in full is required by 28th February each year unless other arrangements have been  made.  Please  ensure you complete and return the Payment Plan forwarded to you at the commencement of the year to indicate your preferred payment option. This plan is also available via the parent portal on Compass or the school office upon request.

The Parent Payment Policy and Parent Payment letter outlining the resources supplied by the school, the various categories and possible optional activities can also be obtained via the parent portal on Compass or the school office upon request.

The school appreciates that families may sometimes experience financial difficulty in meeting payment requests.  A number of support options are available to families who have difficulty making payments for example State School Relief or the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (for eligible families).

If you are experiencing difficulty in making the requested payments please contact our Business Manager for a confidential discussion about alternate payment arrangements.

Payment Due Date 28th February Yearly

This will make it much easier for you to determine whether you are dealing writing an individual development plan together with the correct style or maybe not.