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Our Purpose and Values

Our Philosophy

Armstrong Creek School is an exciting and developing school that is committed to inclusive education.  We strive to provide specific programs and opportunities for learners with a range of educational needs within our purpose-built facilities.

 The school has been designed to create contemporary learning environments which facilitate learning and a learner centred approach.  The school curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum and is supported by brand new facilities, combining both primary (P – 6) and special (P – 12) school elements under a one governance model.

Staff, students and community at Armstrong Creek School actively seek to live, learn and interact with the wider global community, modelling our school values and expectations.

We take a deliberate and considered approach to developing personalised learning opportunities for all students, giving them access to all areas of the curriculum.  We pride ourselves in our values at the school and aim to live by these in all that we do.

Purpose Statement

At Armstrong Creek School, we embrace challenge and celebrate diversity while pursuing an individual journey to personal excellence.  Innovative learning and teaching is placed at the centre of all we do.

We design opportunities for students to achieve their personal best in a positive environment where they are inspired to learn, grow and thrive while demonstrating our school values of; Care, Collaboration and Commitment

Our Logo

We provide access to learning opportunities and experiences that help all children achieve their personal best.

Our logo is a symbol of opportunity, innovation and academic excellence in education.  Formed by lines that are interwoven into a continuous circular pattern, the logo represents the longevity and progressive growth of the school community.

Each line is symbolic of students’ journey from school into their broader community, each following their own individual path to achieve their personal goals.  The vibrant colour, coupled with the radiating motion of the lines captures the aspirational learning environment, a place where students feel inspired to learn, grow and thrive.

At the core of the logo is an open centre, symbolic of our unrelenting focus on placing students at the centre of all learning and Armstrong Creek School as The Heart of Opportunity.