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STEM at Armstrong Creek School

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM touches every aspect of our lives, from our smartphones to the technologies that enable us to explore the world around us and outer space.  It also drives innovation in our fast-changing global economy.  To succeed in this environment, and to continue to prosper into the future, our students need a strong foundation in STEM.

Armstrong Creek School harness a passion for improvement and innovation by engaging students in STEM and providing them with the opportunities they need to develop as problem solvers and critical and creative thinkers.  The science, engineering and mathematics fields are made complete by the technology component which provides a creative and innovative way to problem solve and apply what has been learned.

Science and Technology

Science develops an understanding of how the world works.  It provides children with the opportunity to ask questions and seek solutions using a scientific investigative process.  At Armstrong Creek School, our science based inquiries develop students’ knowledge, skills and understandings of natural and processed materials, reaction and change, the physical world, earth and beyond, and life and living.

Technology is designing, creating and evaluating processes and products.  Armstrong Creek School aims to develop children’s attitudes and skills using a range of materials as a way of developing creativity and innovation.  Students use a wide variety of materials, tools, machines, devices, computers, construction kits and equipment.  They become involved in the process of designing, constructing and testing their models.

Inquiry Learning and Thinking Skills

21st Century learners are required to have a very different skill-set as compared to learners of the past.  Inquiry is an approach to learning whereby students find and use a variety of sources of information and ideas to increase their understanding of a problem, topic or issue.

The process of inquiry learning will develop students’ skills in:

• testing theories
• collecting and interpreting data
• constructing explanations
• clarifying existing ideas and reappraising perceptions of events
• solving problems in a variety of ways
• analysing and evaluating
• manipulation of knowledge
• researching

Students will be encouraged to apply thinking skills critically and creatively to approach complex problems and make decisions objectively in multiple contexts.