Teaching and learning mathematics at Armstrong Creek School is influenced by Di Simon’s Big Ideas and also places an emphasis on number sense, mental computation and mathematical proficiencies.


Number, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability are common aspects of most people’s mathematical experience in everyday personal, study and work situations.  Equally important are the essential roles that algebra, functions and relations, logic, mathematical structure and working mathematically play in people’s understanding of the natural and human worlds and the interaction between them.


School Curriculum
The mathematics curriculum focuses on developing increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, modelling and problem-solving. An understanding of mathematics assists students to organise and make sense of their world and provides necessary skills for the future.  The aim is to make mathematics enjoyable and relevant to the students’ experiences, interests and capabilities.


Students investigate the number system and its operations, patterns and functions.  Active involvement using a variety of materials and approaches is promoted throughout the school.  The program aims to cater for individual differences.  We encourage children to take risks and develop individual strategies for solving problems.