From the Principal

My name is Evan Savage and I feel both privileged and excited to be the inaugural Principal of Armstrong Creek School.


Armstrong Creek School is a pioneering school that will cater for students of all abilities and backgrounds.  As a school, we see it as our primary responsibility to be responsive to the individual learning needs of every child.  We adapt teaching and learning experiences and approaches to ensure that all children are appropriately challenged and supported to achieve success in their learning.


Each student is a unique individual with different strengths and talents.  Armstrong Creek School has employed skilled and experienced teachers and professionals who are strongly committed to working in partnership with students and their families to ensure their school experience is a highly positive one.


The school has established an inclusive community environment with state-of-the-art facilities, with flexible and adaptable learning spaces which will support contemporary and high quality teaching. 


Armstrong Creek School has had a strong focus on developing a culture of high expectations, with parents and families welcomed and encouraged to be active participants in their child’s learning as well as extra-curricula activities and school events.


Designed with the local community in mind, Armstrong Creek School is a gathering place for local families and residents to enjoy arts, sports and recreation programs.  The Community Hub is used by the school during the day, and by the YMCA for before and after school care as well as other community programs.


As a newly established school, I welcome you to join me and the school staff in being a part of creating a School and Community that our students and everyone associated, are highly proud of; now and into the future.