School Uniform

Armstrong Creek School strongly encourages our students to wear appropriate school uniform at all times.  The wearing of the school uniform serves a number of purposes:

  • school morale and tone is lifted through the wearing of a uniform
  • children are dressed for the occasion
  • school dress enhances the child’s sense of belonging to their school group.  It also encourages a sense of pride in their individual appearance and as a member of the school community
  • school uniform does not impose upon each child’s individuality but reflects an attitude of respect and conformity to community standards
  • for children on excursions, school uniform can be an important safety factor for supervision

For safety reasons, safe footwear is to be worn at all times.  Thongs, for example, are not considered to be safe footwear. White rubber soled shoes are to be worn on the school’s gymnasium.  Items such as jewellery and large earrings that can present a safety hazard are not to be worn.  Please ensure that all items belonging to your child are labelled to avoid them becoming lost.

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School Uniform

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