BYOD iPad Program

BYOD iPad Program – Years 3 to 10

Armstrong Creek School has a strong focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacies that will enable students to be successful global citizens in the 21st Century. ICT is a significant part of the school’s strategic plan and the school has invested heavily to support this vision.


We believe that our students should be equipped to succeed in the digital world in which we live in. To achieve this, Armstrong Creek School will operate a BYOD iPad Program for all students from Years 3 to 10. Whilst we highly encourage families to participate, this is an optional program that will enhance student learning and outcomes. The goal is to ensure that all students have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and to have the tools and skills to make this possible.

Today’s students think, learn, and live in an increasingly digital world. New technologies and virtual environments allow important parts of their personal and social life to be digitised, shared, and linked to global communities. Students may have more access to technology at home than at school. Outside of school they may contribute to online discussions, interact with and seek help from peers and find innovative methods of solving problems. Often this happens all at once using multiple applications, devices and interfaces.


Armstrong Creek School aims to deliver the Victorian Curriculum through a range of pedagogical practices to allow for students to work autonomously and concurrently in a dynamic and challenging environment. ICT will play a significant role in the classroom as a vehicle for student learning. It is important to note that whilst an iPad or other digital device is a tool for learning, it is not the only tool that will be used in the classroom.

Access and Equity
As many families already have a suitable iPad at home, the program encourages families to have their child bring their existing device instead of purchasing a new one as long as it meets the minimum requirements.